Music 2.0 in mobile phones


David Furendal
Department of Applied Physics & Electronics
Umeå University, Sweden


Mobile phones are the most common type of portable music player device in the world today. Music 2.0 is a term used to describe new types of music services available online. This paper examines what Music 2.0 really is and if there is Music 2.0 services available for mobile phones. By studying how the term is used for classifying material available on the Internet, Music 2.0 is found to be a term for describing the revolution in the world of music caused by the use of internet as a platform. By studying a number of mobile music services it is shown that there are Music 2.0 services available for mobile phones today. The paper ends with a discussion around the results and how future mobile services must fully use the possibilities of mobile networking to be successful.



Read full paper as pdf Try Mubiduba, an interactive mobile radio based on results found in the study

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